How Kilimanjaro Training Program Help in High Altitude Hiking?

For climbing the lofty heights, hikers require immense physical and mental abilities, which can be acquired by the unique Kilimanjaro training program.

High Altitude Exercise Schedule

Emphasize Aerobics

Aerobics is the perfect way to enhance the cardiovascular capacity of the heart and lungs, which should be started at a minimum of six months before the actual hiking schedule. Trekkers should practice aerobics three times a week with an hour each day. Various cardio workouts like running, jogging, walking, cycling, and swimming can be done. Also demo hiking tours can be actualized to increase the stamina.

Fortify Physique with High-Intensity Activities

To become successful to ascend Kilimanjaro, the trekkers’ legs and upper torso should be robust to withstand the ten hours of exhausting inclined hike added with heavy backpacks. Under the Kilimanjaro training program, the trekker should practice leg training at a minimum of six months before the climb, which includes leg extensions, inclined leg press, standing calf raises, and squats. While the core strength training for the upper body consists of crunches, push-ups, planks, shoulder press, kettlebell swings, and shoulder thrusts.

Select the Correct Trekking Footgear

Appropriate footgear is a must for the hikers, but he should take demo hiking tours with the new mountain boots to get enough experience before the actual climbing. To adjust and maintain the body posture, it is advisable to do at least three long-distance demo hikes for 3 to 4 miles around 4 hours per week.

Point out the Syndrome and Remedy of Alpine Sickness

Acute mountain syndrome and high altitude sickness consisting of complications from
fatigue, headaches, nausea, and even breathlessness can be confronted by core exercise drills while climbing at a slow pace for giving time to adjust the body to low oxygen levels.

Yogic meditation should be practiced added to the Kilimanjaro training program for
enhancing the endurance level and psychic steadiness.

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